Anthony Davis Dropped An F-Bomb On A Live Mic After The All-Star Game

Anthony Davis had himself an All-Star weekend. He got to show the NBA’s best players around New Orleans all weekend, then scored a record-breaking 52 points in the All-Star Game on Sunday.

But shooting 26-for-39 from the field and winning MVP honors pales in comparison to finding out he gets to play with Boogie Cousins. Shortly after the game, the Pelicans officially traded for Cousins in a lopsided deal that rocked the basketball world.

A new record for points in an All-Star Game clearly wore out Davis, who let an f-bomb slip on a live mic when sitting down to talk to reporters.

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“Oh f*ck,” Davis said a bit too close to the microphone on the table he sat in front of at his press conference. When reporters laughed he realized it was picked up, then started laughing at himself while getting apologetic.

“Oh, y’all could hear that?” he asked, covering the mic a bit too late. “Oh, my bad.”

Davis managed to get out a “sorry” between laughs. We’re not really sure if he knew Cousins was staying in New Orleans when he sat down for the interview, but I’m sure he had some interesting words to say about then he realized he got a new teammate out of the weekend, too.