New Orleans Is The Perfect City To Host NBA All-Star Weekend

02.20.17 2 years ago


NEW ORLEANS – After wrapping up a Q&A session with Nick Young at Dew Courtside HQ, there’s a text that it’s time to head over to Bud Light Crew HQ, because 2 Chainz is doing a surprise performance in about 30 minutes. This is all happening at 3:30 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, which is pretty much business as usual for NBA All-Star Weekend.

A personal schedule at All-Star is simply a rough guideline, because a 2 Chainz performance might happen randomly in the middle of the afternoon and you have to scratch some other plans to go get your blessings. In many places this can create a panic and added stress because you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. In New Orleans, it makes for an exciting weekend, because everything is happening in a concentrated area.

It’s a 15 minute walk from the Lower Garden District, where I stayed over the weekend, to the French Quarter. On that walk are dozens of other event spaces hosting parties, amazing restaurants open into the wee hours of the morning, and a steady stream of people rotating through trying to find their next drink, meal, event, or concert. It took 10 minutes to get from the Dew event space off Magazine Street over to Bud Light off of Royal Street in the French Quarter, 2 Chainz did his thing (closer to 5 p.m. than 4 p.m., but that tends to happen too at All-Star) and All-Star Sunday was in full swing, two and a half hours before the game would tip-off.

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