Anthony Edwards Listed All The Baseball Players He Can Name And Insists He Could Throw 100 MPH

Anthony Edwards may very well be on his way to the Rookie of the Year award, although LaMelo Ball’s impending return in Charlotte for the stretch run might have something to say about that. In any case, Edwards’ rookie season in Minnesota has been a fascinating one, as he deals with roster instability around him but seems, at least outwardly, unfazed by what could be a frustrating situation.

Edwards’ personality has always shined and the NBA world as a whole has gotten to know the extremely funny, brutally honest rookie this season and it has, truly, been one of the great joys of a strange, sometimes joyless season. His refusal to sugarcoat anything has made him, immediately, one of the best interviews in the NBA, whether that’s walking off the court when he’ll tell you straight up that they wanted RJ Barrett taking the last shot or after a game when asked about new owner Alex Rodriguez, who he was completely unaware was a famous baseball star.

The two have since been put in contact on Instagram, but for someone who has played baseball before to not be aware of A-Rod is something people found fascinating — and thought was maybe Edwards having some fun with everyone. However, Edwards insists that was real in a new (and fantastic) interview with Tyler Ricky Tynes for GQ, and the two proceeded to remember some guys, with Edwards offering up Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Jackie Robinson, Chipper Jones, Freddie Freeman, “No. 22? the left-handed hitter for the Braves” (I think he meant Jason Heyward), “Ortiz…the dude who be hittin’ the home runs” (David Ortiz), and Derek Jeter as the baseball players he’s aware of.

It’s a very funny exchange but the best part comes later, when Edwards tells Tynes that he fully believes he could throw 100 miles per hour within “a month” of training and getting his arm right, and could hit 92 right now.

Even though you don’t know any baseball players, you used to play baseball. You said you could play in the MLB right now, do you still think that’s true?

Ohhhhh, fasho.

What makes you say that with such confidence?

You gotta give me a month to get my arm back right.

A…a month?!

I gotta get my arm back right! I was a pitcher, but it be hurtin’ my elbow. So once I get my arm back right we be good.

Okay how fast are you throwing it?

If I throw it right now?

If you throw it right now, and if I gave you a month.

If you gave me a month it might be a hunnid.

100 mph?

A hunnid.

You lying ya ass off.

[laughs] I’m dead ass! I’m dead ass! I sweatagod!

I want to see a video of you a month from now once you train.

Nah, I’m not finna train for that.

What is it if you allegedly threw it right now, then?

92, 93 mph.

92 right now?!

Yeah, fasho!

Well, the Braves might be able to use you.

Yeah, they can use me…..In my offseason!

Long live Anthony Edwards.

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