Meet The Fashion Mind Who Helped Bam Adebayo Prepare His NBA Draft Look

06.22.17 9 months ago

Christian Long

Bam Adebayo wore a different shade of blue when he attended the Kentucky Derby in May. The NBA Draft prospect exchanged Wildcat blue for a custom made baby blue suit as he mingled with Derby goers at Churchill Downs. The suit was made by designer Jhoanna Alba, who joined Adebayo in Kentucky and made sure everything was perfect.

The event was a test of sorts for the biggest night of his life. A month later, Adebayo would be front and center on a stage of his own, and he needed to look his best. Because everyone wants to look their best on the night they’re drafted. It’s a coming out party for players in many ways, with fashion and personality mixing in a high-stakes

For Alba, draft night is a chance to show off the skills that have made her a favorite for more than 1,100 pro athletes looking for custom suits. Her company helps NBA stars like Russell Westbrook and John Wall look their best, but the draft is also a chance to help a younger player just turning pro learn the basics of high fashion.

“This is the first time (Bam’s) had a custom suit made,” Alba said. “So we have a look book that we send to him and it has the basics. It’ll show you how to mix and match, because we’re all about maximizing your wardrobe. So even if you get the five staple colors, you can still wear the black jacket with the navy pants, or a grey jacket with black pants. It’s all about mixing and matching. So five suits can turn out to be 20 different outfits.”

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