Barack Obama And Drake Met Up Prior To Game 2 Of The NBA Finals

Getty Image

The Raptors hosted the Warriors on Sunday in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and after Toronto took a 1-0 series lead with an impressive performance in Game 1, the intrigue for the second game was sky high.

The usual suspects were always going to be hanging around, like Drake, but Game 2 also brought out Barack Obama, as the 44th President of the United States was the guest of NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Obama’s love of basketball is very well known, and the last time we saw him at a major basketball game it was the Duke-UNC game in which Zion Williamson exploded through his shoe.

There were initial reports that Obama was going to be in Drake’s seats, but unfortunately for all of our amusement, those turned out not to be true. However, the two did meet in the bowels of Scotiabank Arena prior to the game and shared a quick dap and conversation before making their way out to the court. Obama in the video below tells Drake and his crew he remembers their visit to the White House fondly.

I’d also like to point out that is the legend Ahmad Rashad in the salmon jacket there with Obama and Silver, as he still finds his way to major NBA events. It would’ve been an incredible spectacle to see the typically reserved Obama sitting beside the much more animated Drake during Game 2, but we’ll have to settle for this meeting of the minds in the tunnel.