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04.10.09 10 years ago

Ballers Network is where players live. Ballplayers from around the world, from every level of the game, come to Ballers Network every day to manage their basketball lives, to connect with each other and to share their basketball stories, both on Facebook and

As a member of our global family, we want your profile to sit alongside the profiles of players ranging from the NBA and WNBA to college, high school and everything in-between. All you have to do is send us a few great pictures of you playing ball, fill out your basketball profile and we will handle the rest.

We want to know everything – where you run, the leagues and tournaments that you play in, the style of play in your city, and most importantly, what your game is like. Ballers Network is the living, breathing embodiment of the game that connects ballers from around every corner of the globe, so share your stories, share your photos, showcase your talent and compete.

It’s easy to have your story considered for run on

Follow these easy steps to share your story with the basketball world:

-Ballers Network


Photos are a vital part of telling the world your basketball story. The bigger and better the pictures of you are, the more likely it is that you will see yourself featured at the forefront of or even in the pages of Dime Magazine.

Almost any photo taken with a standard digital camera should be on point – just make sure that your camera settings are set to take photos at the highest resolution and then send us the full image.

We have also put together some simple instructions for different devices to ensure that your pics are up to task:

RAZR: Go into the Pictures Menu.  Select Picture Setup.  Then select Resolution, and adjust it to the largest size available.

SIDEKICK: To set the photo size, press MENU and select Large (1280 x 1024).


1.        In the camera, press the Menu key.
2.        Click Options.
3.        Change the Picture Size field to the largest option available.
4.        Press the Menu key.
5.        Click Save.

iPHONE: Photos via iPhones are already shot at the largest size available.

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