Ben Simmons Is Convinced That If LeBron James Was A Zombie Then We’d All Be Doomed

06.23.16 3 years ago

LeBron James is a man to be feared on the basketball court. He’s an all-time great, he just led the Cavaliers to their first title, and he’s one of the most physically impressive players in the history of the game. Do you remember his Game 7 block on Andre Iguodala? Of course you do, because it is going to go down in history as arguably the biggest block ever. Now, imagine if, in that moment, LeBron James were a zombie.

Never considered that? Apparently Ben Simmons has.

Simmons, like LeBron before him, is considered the best prospect in his Draft class. He will be expected to turn around a franchise like LeBron did. Simmons has dedicated his life to basketball, but apparently he’s also taken plenty of time to think about LeBron James as an undead reanimated corpse. In preparation for the 2016 NBA Draft, ESPN asked Simmons a very important question: LeBron is a zombie, what do you do?

Despite claiming to have thought about it a lot, Simmons seems pretty resigned to his fate if Zombie LeBron was ever after him. He figures that the physical impressiveness that makes LeBron so good at basketball would also make him an effective zombie. Apparently, the rotting limbs aren’t going to slow LeBron down much. He’ll still chase you down, but, instead of going after the ball, he’ll be going for your brains.

(Via ESPN)

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