What Is The Greatest Lawn Game For Memorial Day Weekend?

05.22.15 3 years ago 46 Comments


Memorial Day Weekend is basically the Opening Day of cookout season, and — if you share my frame of mind — a cookout isn’t a cookout without lawn games to help pass the time between meals and spike the level of intoxication.

After some back-channel arguments among the staff, we’re led to this week’s discussion topic: What is the best lawn game?

As with any discussion such as this, there are key factors that come into play. How fun and easy is it to play? How well does it pair with drinking? How many people can play? Does it take up a lot of space? And so on.

We got a variety of responses from our staff, which you can find below, but we’re also interested in your thoughts on the matter. Feel free to chime in via the comments section.

Andrew Husband: Horseshoes

I’m from Texas, where we play with actual horseshoes. None of that plastic, perfectly-molded crap regulated and approved by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA). Don’t get me wrong — I’m not arguing for real, metal horseshoes out of some misguided sense of authenticity.* (The first and only horse I ever rode was in New Jersey.) Instead, I’m telling you to use genuine horseshoes because they’re way more fun. Also, a bit more dangerous if your aim is crap. All you need is two metal stakes, four metal horseshoes, and at least one other person. Teams are better.

Andy Isaac: Eating

“Hey, Isaac. Wanna play some cornhole?”


“Why not?”

“Well, it’s a f*ckin’ BBQ and I’m eating.”

“OK, well, when you’re done then?”


“Why not?”

“Because after I’m done eating, I’m going to drink all the beers.”

“You can drink a beer and play…”

“Shut up.”

“How about some lawn darts?”

“Do I have to stand up for that?”


“Then no.”

“Do you want to play anything?”

“Is eating a sport?”

“You’re the worst.”

“Yes I am.”

Bill DiFilippo: Taps

When I was in high school, we’d play this game called taps, where two teams would get 20 to 50 feet apart and throw a Frisbee. The team that had it thrown to them would accrue points based on which part of a team member’s body touches the Frisbee (one point for hands, two for any other part of the arm, three for someone’s chest, four for legs/feet, five for someone’s back). If it hits the ground, the team who tried tapping it got no points, and the disc could be tapped around among teammates. First team to get to 50 wins. It ruled.

Brandon Southward: Bocce

The answer to the greatest lawn (drinking) game is easy. Bocce ball. It’s a simple game. Toss small ball and toss bigger balls to see who gets closest to small ball. And the game is good for you. You get some sunshine. You are walking around, and walking is always good for you. The alcohol consumption? OK, maybe not the best thing for you, but if it’s red wine, that’s good for the antioxidants. My favorites are Pinot noir or Merlot, but to each their own. The greatest thing God gave the world, besides the first season of The O.C. was the beautiful game of bocce ball. If you don’t enjoy the game and don’t believe it to be the best lawn (drinking) game, then we can’t be friends.

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