Bill Simmons Got Roasted In A Tweet By The Bucks’ Owner’s Daughter And The Internet Loved It

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Back in 2008 Bill Simmons wrote a column for ESPN explaining why he should be given a chance to be the Bucks general manager. Milwaukee went with John Hammond, but now, Hammond is headed to Orlando. The Bucks are opening up their search again this summer and Simmons, once again, is throwing his hat in the ring.

Simmons referenced that column in a tweet at Mallory Edens, the daughter of Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, when saying “there’s still time” for the Bucks to hire him this time around. Simmons wanted to have a little fun online, and probably thought this would be a funny, harmless little tweet that might get a joking response from Edens.

Well, it certainly got a response, but it was a far more savage response than what Simmons was probably hoping for. Edens clapped back at Simmons by pulling an excerpt from his original column where he said he’ll be willing to take risks because he can always just go back to working at ESPN, and noting that things had changed since then in reference to his firing from the Worldwide Leader in 2016.

It’s a tremendous response from Edens, who has never been shy to come after someone on Twitter that she feels has stepped beyond their bounds. Edens became a social media sensation at the 2014 NBA Draft and in 2015, she went after a writer that called her a “trophy wife” in a story. Simmons, for his part, tried to respond in jest in an effort to show he can have fun and was not owned online, but it wasn’t a great retort.

Twitter quickly jumped on the response from Edens and seemed to thoroughly enjoy that she had so deftly taken Simmons down a peg.