‘Bing Bong’ Got Two Write-In Votes In New York City’s Mayoral Election

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams became New York City’s mayor-elect earlier this month when he defeated Curtis Silwa by more than 450,000 votes. Adams will become the second Democrat in a row to hold the office following Bill de Blasio’s tenure in the role. And now, to the basketball stuff: BING BONG.

As anyone who has a Twitter account and knows what the New York Knicks are can tell you, bing bong has become a rallying cry for the team this season following a video by New York street show Sidetalk. Basically, a guy named Jordie Bloom said it in the above video, taken after the Knicks’ season-opening win over the Boston Celtics in double overtime, in reference to the noise that is made when doors on the subway close.

Saying bing bong is now the most popular thing in the world (well, at least among Knicks fans), so much so that two people decided their votes were best used in the election to write in the phrase.

Adams was gonna win the whole time, so these folks decided to have some fun with it, instead, and went in a very silly direction. In scores of other games, bing bong got more write-in votes than Derek Jeter (who got one), Barack Obama (also one), Carmelo Anthony (one), and Kyrie Irving (one). It did not, however, beat Julius Randle (he got six) or Tom Thibodeau (two, unless you wanna count the single write-in that “Tom Thibodau” got). Bing bong.