Watch Boban Marjanovic Shut Down Tim Duncan In Practice

01.20.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

The legend of Boban Marjanovic continues to grow at an exponential pace. First came draft night, where Marjanovic’s astounding proportions were introduced to the world. Most of the analysis that night surrounding Marjanovic were basically synonyms of “giant.” Initially, it appeared as if the 7’3 Serbian would be another draft-and-stash for the Spurs, though that notion was quickly dispelled when the Spurs announced they’d bring him over immediately.

Then Marjanovic took the court, truly giving birth to Boban-mania (Bobanity? Bobanaroo?). The simplest dunk or pass threw fans into a frenzy. They’ve chanted his name during Spurs games, even showered him with only-slightly-ironic MVP chants. This was the freaking line to meet him when he did a meet-and-greet at a San Antonio Wing Stop location:

As if that wasn’t enough, now there’s video of him shutting down Tim Duncan in practice. He calmly swipes the ball away from Duncan when he tries to drive, then alters his shot when Duncan tries to shoot over him. Sure, it’s just practice, but the sight alone of Boban towering over Duncan is impressive enough. Who knows, maybe next we’ll see him coaching in place of Gregg Popovich.

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