Boston fills its need for ‘Sheed; it’s safe to watch the WNBA again

07.06.09 9 years ago 36 Comments

Don’t forget about the Celtics now. In the offseason arms race that’s seen the Magic get Vince, the Lakers get Artest, the Cavs get Shaq, and the Spurs getting Richard Jefferson, the Celtics made their big move by reaching an agreement with free agent Rasheed Wallace yesterday. ‘Sheed was Boston’s #1 target from the get-go: Danny Ainge risked life and limb skulking around Wallace’s house in the middle of the night; KG, Pierce, Ray and Doc Rivers dropped by to make a pitch; and the C’s appeared willing to let Big Baby Davis walk if it helped land the older, more accomplished PF in ‘Sheed. The deal is reportedly worth about $11.6 million over two years … Remember, Boston would have been right there in this year’s championship picture if KG hadn’t been hurt, and while they’re a year older next season, they’re not ancient yet. Rajon Rondo is a star now, and ‘Sheed gives them another dangerous weapon even if he’s not a go-to guy anymore. But is he gonna be the inside/outside threat emotional sparkplug version of ‘Sheed, or the fat gimpy who-gives-a-f*** distraction version? … Something else to consider: Boston’s over-the-top swagger meter is in danger of exploding from Day One. Garnett, ‘Sheed, Kendrick Perkins, Pierce, Rondo smacking people in the face, Eddie House‘s general demeanor; this could be the most insufferable team EVER put together. They might as well hire Christian Laettner as the strength and conditioning coach, and trade Bill Walker for Sasha Vujacic … Don’t get too happy, though, C’s fans. The Spurs saw your Rasheed Wallace deal, and rasied you a Marcus Haislip. You remember Haislip: the ex-Tennessee star was a Lottery pick by the Bucks during the Ray/Big Dog/Cassell era who never panned out. Now the Lakers are reportedly interested in Jerome Moiso, and Cleveland is trying to track down Lester EarlHedo Turkoglu‘s agent told the Toronto Globe & Mail that one of the big factors in swinging Hedo toward Toronto was the city’s good-sized Turkish population. “At the end of the day, Hedo simply decided that Toronto was a better fit for him and his family,” Lon Babby said. “He wants to remain in the East and Toronto is, of course, a uniquely cosmopolitan and international community and it suits him and his family best. The community level was just best in Toronto.” … Of course the money didn’t hurt: “Toronto’s offer was better [financially] than Portland’s was,” Babby said, “but that wasn’t the driver here.” Do you like the Raptors to make the playoffs next year with the additions of Turkoglu and DeMar DeRozan? … E-mail from Dime’s Austin Burton: “I was at the Mexican restaurant down the street from my place, and in the bar they were showing the Spanish-speaking version of the ESPY’s on Univision. The ‘Basketball Player of the Year’ nominees were Calderon, ‘Melo, Manu, Pau Gasol and Scola. Gasol won, and when he went up on stage you saw girls in the crowd acting like he was a Jonas Brother. I’d tell you what he said in his speech, but 1 year of Spanish in middle school, 2 years in high school and 1 year in college did NOTHING for me.” … Fellas, it’s OK to admit you watch the WNBA again: Candace Parker is back. Making her season debut after missing time due to childbirth, Candace put up six points and four boards in 20 minutes off the bench in the Farmer’s Insurance Sparks’ loss to the Lifelock Mercury. The Sparks waived Shelden WilliamsJuwanna Mann alter ego to make room for Candace on the roster … We’re out like Laettner …

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