Braids or No Braids

11.11.08 9 years ago 31 Comments
No need to cut em off A.I.No need to cut em off A.I.

By now everyone knows ‘Melo cut his braids off. Coming from a cat who had braids back in the day, I know that was a tough decision to make. But that is the thing…I had braids back when I was 22 years old. The minute I hit 24 I was like, “These joints gotta go. I am getting old.”

Guess ‘Melo got that memo also. Now at 24 years old, Anthony know that he is older and certain things in his life needed to change. I fully support the new look, but it got me wondering…when is it time to cut the braids off?

I was walking on 125th st. in Harlem a couple of days ago and I saw this dude that was no younger than 50 with these receding gray braids. As I walked by I was like, “WTF!?” This dude should have chopped these off a long time ago.

Watching the Nuggets/Warriors game the other night I remembered that Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette used to rock braids also. So I sat and thought about it. There are a few other people in the league who need to follow after S. Jack, ‘Melo, and Maggette. Real talk…we don’t need anyone in the NBA looking like Jerry Rice when he played for the Raiders.

Allen Iverson

Now 33 years old and on his third NBA team, A.I. would be the first obvious candidate for a trip to the barber…but wait. The Answer was really the first to make braids and ballin’ popular. Believe it or not, Iverson is a style icon in terms of the aesthetic look he brought to the NBA. Tats and braids are accepted in the League because of him. So I say he gets a pass. Verdict: Keep ’em.

Eddy Curry
Living in New York I will be the first to tell you that one out of every five guys in the Big Apple have braids. The dude who works at the Starbucks near my house has braids and he is like 90 years old (Shout out to Moe, you make a great Caramel Macchiato), so I can understand trying to fit in when you’re not from here….but not if you’re seven feet tall and about 300 pounds. E. City is my man but I think the time he spends getting his hair braided can be spent in the gym. My Knicks could use you out there! Verdict: Cut ’em off.

Roger Mason Jr.
I…um….honestly don’t know if those are braids or twists or whatever, but I do know they need to go unless Roger is trying to grow dreads…and that is a whole new topic. But hey, if he keeps dropping buckets like he’s been then the San Antonio fans aren’t going to want him to change anything. Lord knows they need the help! Verdict: Cut ’em off…as fast as possible!

Jared Dudley
The Bobcats need a change of pace. Them boys aren’t playing good basketball right now. While it probably isn’t because of J-Dud’s braids it might be a good change of pace…then again, he aint hurting anyone. Dudley is 23 so I guess he has a little time left. Verdict: Keep ’em.

Udonis Haslem
U.D. is down in South Beach, he’s playing good basketball now and the Heat have a young squad looking to make noise in the Eastern Conference. I guess the braids are good money. I mean… He is 6’8 235 and puts in work on the glass. Are you going to tell him he should cut his hair? I thought so. Verdict: Keep ’em.

If S. Jack can do it, so can you RogerIf S. Jack can do it, you can too Roger

Ben Wallace
Big Ben was born in 1974. I know that is only a year before A.I., but Come on man, you gotta cut em off. At least go back to the crazy Don King fro you were rocking. I know, you’re probably like, “Ben Wallace will fold you up Christian. Watch your mouth.” I am just saying…it’s time to let them go Ben. Do it for the good of mankind. Verdict: Cut em off…please kind sir.

Renaldo Balkman
You know I am perfectly fine with Balkman’s dreads. He is good money with me. BUT if Renaldo ever gets the thought of going Brian Grant or T-Pain on us and he gets the tips frosted blonde we’re gonna have issues. Verdict: Keep ’em.

This is just a short list of guys in the League with braids. Who do you guys think should consider chopping off their braids?

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