The Sixers Have Reportedly Questioned Bryan Colangelo And A Resolution May Be Coming Soon

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The Bryan Colangelo saga rolls on in Philadelphia but a resolution may not be far away. Despite rumblings that the general manager’s status with the organization would have been decided at this point, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN indicated on-air on Tuesday evening that a decision could be reached by ownership within the next 24 to 48 hours. This is because Colangelo and his wife, Barbara Bottini, have reportedly both sat down separately from one another with the team’s owners.

It is important to note that Colangelo’s desire to be “separated” from his family (and, particularly, his wife) with regard to culpability is quite interesting. Beyond that, it is noteworthy that the Sixers elected to interview both parties for an extended period of time, which could certainly be key in deciphering what exactly transpired with regard to the actions of multiple burner accounts on Twitter.

As the public mess continues for the Sixers, joke are being made in every corner of the basketball world, including by LeBron James in the midst of the NBA Finals. Given that and the pending urgency of a resolution on the edge of what is a very important summer for Philadelphia’s roster, the reported timeline from Wojnarowski makes sense.

The NBA Draft is only 16 days away, with free agency coming in earnest on July 1. With that as the backdrop, the next day or two will seemingly be pivotal for the Sixers’ future and whether it includes Colangelo.