Byron Scott Says His Superior Intelligence Is Why He Doesn’t Listen To Detractors

Other than Kobe Bryant’s epic final game, it was another season to forget for the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition to their putrid 17-65 record and that whole D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young fiasco, the Lakers have also had to deal with a backlash to their head coach, Byron Scott.

Scott was criticized this season for not playing Russell and Julius Randle enough early in the season, and even had off-court issues to deal with like when he allegedly challenged a fan to a fight on his Instagram page. It doesn’t appear as though the Lakers are getting that much better with Scott on the sidelines, and one figures a coaching change would be coming this offseason as a result. However, reports have recently come out that Scott actually has a “major chance” to remain the Lakers’ coach next season despite a 38-126 record since he took over the reins.

This has, predictably, drawn the ire of Lakers fans desperate for a fresh start next season, but Scott is apparently not worried about what his critics have to say because he is oh so much smarter than they are.

Scott has been to the NBA Finals as a coach and also played in the league for 13 years, so he’s probably right that he knows more about basketball than your average blogger or beat reporter. On the other hand, though, it doesn’t exactly take a basketball genius to see that what Scott is doing with the Lakers is not working.

Despite adding Russell, a healthy Randle, and role players like Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams, Los Angeles was actually four games worse this season than they were last year, which was already the worst winning percentage in a season in franchise history. It’s also a bit insulting (to say the least) to the fans to act so high and mighty after your team just finished with the worst record in the Western Conference.

If Scott wasn’t already hated by the entire Lakers’ fan base, this quote might put him over the edge.