Was Byron Scott’s Instagram Account Hacked When He Challenged A Fan To A Fight?

Byron Scott
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Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott found himself in some social media hot water (and possibly Temecula, Calif.) recently when he implied on Instagram that he was ready to fight a fan—except it wasn’t actually him. At least in Scott’s own words, that is.

According to the Orange County Register, the exchange between Scott and the fan happened in the comment section of Scott’s account, apparently for this video:


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The Register wrote, “A commenter remarked that Scott should ‘have (his) hands up’ when he saw him, someone posting from Scott’s account responded, ‘Bring it … and show your face, don’t hide.’

The comment “supposedly” made by Scott was quickly taken down, further proving the Clippers are the better-suited L.A. team to actually follow through on their punches. Either way, Scott has taken to Instagram again, but this time to clear his name.

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Scott wrote, “As you know through all of the social media stuff, there was someone that got my password to respond back to a fan as if it were me. That would never happen from my end. We have gotten it corrected. My social media is only for positive and uplifting things only! God Bless Lakers nation & have a great day!”

Scott may not have actually fought a fan, but here’s guessing he could probably take internet tough guys any day. In fact, coach-fan fights probably should happen more often – simply for humbling purposes, of course.

(Via ESPN, the Orange County Register)