The NBA World Thought A California Earthquake Meant Kawhi Leonard Made A Free Agent Decision

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As the rest of these United States celebrate Independence Day, the NBA world sits and waits for one of the most significant NBA free agents in recent memory to decide where he’ll play next year. Kawhi Leonard has apparently already had his meetings, but is taking his time to make a decision.

Canada already had a tense day of celebration of its own, as the nation where the NBA champion Toronto Raptors plays has already endured a holiday of uncertainty about where Leonard will play next fall. But two other teams with good chances of landing Leonard, the Clippers and Lakers, had their own special regional angst on July 4 when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Souther California.

Even some TV shows had their live broadcasts interrupted by the quake.

For some NBA players, the earthquake was their first.

Lots of NBA players spend time in Southern California in the offseason, which means many tweeted about their earthquake experience.

Some didn’t feel it at all, though.

This was, by far, the best tweet about it.

This was kind of the opposite of Spencer’s tweet, but it was still very good.

Richaun Holmes, meanwhile, was NOT having it.

Of course, there were some jokes to be had about it as well. Namely that the earthquake could signal that Leonard made a decision.

This also could make Toronto more attractive, you could argue.

Hopefully everyone in SoCal is OK, and we can all get back to celebrating and/or waiting for word from Leonard’s camp about what the future holds for the NBA’s reigning Finals MVP.