Chandler Parsons Finally Responded To Joel Embiid’s ‘Virgin’ Accusations

12.15.16 1 year ago 3 Comments


Joel Embiid has been impressing everyone in his rookie season, both with his play on the court and with his ebullience off of it. His latest act has been to call out Chandler Parsons, of all people, and ask him if he’s a virgin on an Instagram live video. He pulled the same move with teammate Ben Simmons, but Parsons has taken it upon himself to respond (captured by reddit):

It’s hard to know just what to make of Parsons’ response her. Based on the amount of exclamation points and the verb tense he uses, he’s implying one of two scenarios:

  • He just recently had sex for the first time, and is taking to the comments of Embiid’s video to announce it gleefully to the world
  • He reacted with incredible anger at Embiid’s impertinent question, and is responding with the impassioned indignance of Donald Trump

When Embiid fired his shots at Parsons, some of us were hoping for a snarky back-and-forth, but unless Parsons is playing some long game (we really hope he is), it seems like we have two people just on different internet comedy wavelengths — a real shame. Let’s hope Embiid’s next target plays a long a little better next time.

(Via reddit)

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