Charles Barkley Hit Anthony Davis With One Of The Weirdest Nicknames We Have Ever Heard

Anthony Davis sat and watched as the Phoenix Suns beat the brakes off of the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. Davis was held out of Game 5 due to the groin strain that he suffered in the previous contest, and as a result, the Lakers couldn’t get much of anything going on either end of the floor. Phoenix led by 30 at the half, went on to win 115-85, and now boast a 3-2 series lead as things shift to the Staples Center.

During halftime, the Inside the NBA crew discussed the beatdown they just saw, which led to Charles Barkley turning his attention to Davis not being on the floor. While explaining how he thinks the Lakers are going to lose to the Suns if Davis can’t play, Barkley gave the All-NBA big man a nickname that is … kinda weird.

“I told you, the Lakers can’t win this series — forget about the championship, they can’t win this series without Street Clothes,” Barkley said.

When asked by Ernie Johnson the origins of that nickname, Barkley simply said, “I call him Anthony ‘Street Clothes’ Davis, cause he’s always in street clothes.”

It is, admittedly, a very silly nickname, but an important thing here is that Draymond Green — who was filling in for Kenny Smith on the evening — appeared to find it very funny. If the only active player on the panel thinks it’s pretty good, then perhaps it’ll end up sticking to Davis for a while.