Charles Barkley Was A Trainwreck During The NCAA Tournament Selection Show

Apart from his (apparently recent) tradition of slaughtering “One Shining Moment“, Charles Barkley doesn’t usually have a lot to do with college basketball. He left that game a long time ago and as an NBA analyst, probably doesn’t have a ton of time to deal with the ins and outs of over a hundred Division 1 basketball teams.

On Sunday, Chuck was part of CBS’ selection show. Cue Internet outrage.

If there was any saving grace to what’s turned into a disaster of a two-hour selection show, it was that people quickly grew tired of how little NCAA knowledge Barkley has–and how terrible he is at using basic touchscreen technology.

Stick to your day job, Chuck–it’s a great one! And you usually don’t have to use large TV’s or telestrators, you just have to talk! Ok, yes, occasionally they make you guys wear pants, but honestly, most people have to do that.

And as for you, NCAA? Next year, consider that it’s not a good look to stretch what’s basically just a scheduling announcement into a two-hour celebration and analysis session, especially if you still expect anyone to believe these guys are “amateurs.” Come on, an hours-long discussion about scheduling? That sounds like something only Roger Goodell could sell to a broadcaster.