Chris Bosh’s False Promise Of 2010 Information

07.10.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

In an effort to beat Charlie Villanueva in what boils down to a Tweet-Off, Chris Bosh posted that he’d talk about his status in 2010 if 500 people logged in to his Live CBTV feed.

The number of viewers on that USTREAM feed skyrocketed immediately from like 190 to 650. And then here’s what he said about his future…

“Well I will say something… It’s kinda cool. It’s cool to be wanted or whatever… I get that as a part of my life every day now unless I stay at the crib… Look, I went to New York and everybody was really giving me, asking me about the Knicks. I will say it is cool – thank you for your support and everything. Everybody is trying to tell the future, everybody is trying to forecast – but you can’t predict the future.”

Bosh might as well have ended that little monologue with a resounding, “Got you suckaaz!!” Hopefully he’ll use the probable win in this Tweet-Off over Charlie V to make him do something stupid. People are writing in and suggesting different costumes and skits for Villanueva – like dressing him up as Madea, McLovin, and Sam Cassell.

Source: CBTV

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