Meet The Trainer Behind The Viral Workout Videos Of Some Of The NBA’s Biggest Stars

07.10.17 8 months ago

Chris Brickley

It’s well past midnight, and newly acquired Brooklyn Nets guard D’Angelo Russell landed in New York after being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers. One of his first text messages he sends after he turns his phone off airplane mode is to Chris Brickley.

On this particular day, Brickley just got home after eight workout sessions with numerous NBA players ranging from the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Getting back to his house, he dropped his stuff off, ate a quick meal and hopped in the shower. As he was laying in bed, he got the text from Russell saying he wanted to shoot. Brickley’s response was “I’m there.”

Minutes later, the two met at the Brooklyn Nets practice facility.

The approximate time of the workout is 2:09 AM, and the two begin honing in on what Russell felt he needed to improve upon. They have the gym to themselves, as Brickley runs through a set of workouts designated for the former number two overall pick.

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