Chris Paul Responds To Report He Asked For A Trade: ‘Damn! That’s News To Me’

06.18.19 4 weeks ago

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Things aren’t going especially well for the Houston Rockets right now, as reports are pouring out about dysfunction within the franchise, chiefly involving a rift between James Harden and Chris Paul.

Those within the organization are, publicly, saying there are no plans to trade Paul, but there’s an awful lot of smoke right now about potential big shakeups with the roster. Shortly after Daryl Morey denied any intention to trade Paul, a report from Yahoo’s Vincent Goodwill indicated the star had issued a trade request, citing the deterioration of his relationship with Harden, who apparently also issued a “him or me” edict to management.

This is, obviously, huge news and the task of trading Paul is very difficult given his age and contract situation. However, Paul hopped on Instagram to make it known that this is the first he’s hearing of such a trade request, issuing a denial in the comments of a Bleacher Report IG post.

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