Chris Webber Thinks A Crucial Game During His NBA Career Was Fixed

It’s spring 2002 in Laker-land. It’s prime Shaq, ascendant Kobe and everyone is hyped up for the dynastic Lakers. Jack Nicholson is still sitting in the same chair and still dating the same models; except he’s not yet the pervy geriatric uncle. It’s the Western Conference Finals and the Lakers are up 3-2. It’s win or go home for the Kings. But in that game 6, the Lakers end up shooting an astonishing 40 free throws, 27 of them in the fourth quarter. By way of Awful Announcing, comes the revelation that Chris Webber thinks the outcome was corrupted just like so many Kings fans do.

Disgraced ref Tim Donaghy also later claimed the fix was in for the game; although, he didn’t actually officiate Game 6. Webber went on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his passion and outrage at the no calls during the last 13 seconds of Game 2 between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

But the topic soon switched to this now infamous game in 2002. At first, Webber was a bit coy as to which game he was referring to, but then he said he saw blood run down Mike Bibby’s nose and that came after Bibby took and elbow to the face from Kobe in Game 6.

“I’ve definitely played a game — I’ve played one game in which yes, something smelled weird about the whole situation.”

Chris also goes on to say that he never once felt that the league was out to get him, or the Kings, in any way, and that — if anything — it was the officials. Webber also says now the NBA has the trust of the fans and that he supports the league’s transparency when the officials get a call wrong.

“It happened. I believe that.” Webber said. “As an athlete, so what it happened. What are we going to do, make excuses?”

It seems Webber is taking the high road with this one. But since this was his best shot at a championship, one doubts he will ever forget it.

(Via AwfulAnnouncing.com)