Cavs Players Explained Why They Used Water (And Chocolate Milk) To Celebrate Instead Of Champagne

The Cleveland Cavaliers secured their second trip to the NBA Finals in as many years on Friday, so, naturally, it was a time for celebration. When you think about a team celebrating a series win in their locker room, you probably have a specific idea in your head. It probably includes a bunch of dudes in goggles spraying champagne all over the place. Well, the Cavaliers decided to go a more family friendly route, and just celebrated with water.

The decision to use water — a decidedly less glamorous liquid than champagne — to celebrate drew the curiosity of some of the folks in the press. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love were asked in their postgame press conference why the team opted for water. The answer? “We didn’t have champagne, so we took waters,” said LeBron.

So, not exactly the most intriguing answer. Although, in truth, water is a lot more sensible choice, since nobody has to worry about their eyes stinging from alcohol, and nobody was left reeking of alcohol and covered in a sticky film.

However, Love did chime in to say, “I had chocolate milk,” a winking reference to the fact Love is the spokesperson for chocolate milk. He even has his own ad campaign even though it’s not a name brand product, but more of a concept. There’s no actual indication that Love was doused in chocolate milk, so if this team ends up winning the title, somebody better make that happen.

(Via USA Today)