A Beautiful Craig Sager Mural Was Painted On The Same Building As Its Stuart Scott Counterpart

Craig Sager’s passing has produced a series of tributes and memorials as colorful as the man was himself, and a new one has been finished in Los Angeles that will still be around once all the tweets have faded into the archives and all the words have been forgotten — the above mural, painted by street artist Jonas Never.

If it looks familiar, that’s because Never also painted a similar mural of Stuart Scott when he himself passed from cancer early in 2015. According to TMZ, the Sager memorial is on the very same wall, right beside the depiction of Stu.

Scott, much like Sager, worked through his cancer treatments as they ravaged his body and gave a message of inspiration at the ESPY awards the summer before his death. Both men left widely disparate impacts, but both were universally respected and beloved — and both loved basketball above all. It’s fitting that they are immortalized together, with heavenly glows behind them. Although we have to lament John Saunders‘ lack of inclusion on this sportscaster memorial wall, we’re consoled by knowing that basketball games in whatever comes next have a hell of a three-man broadcast team now.

If you’d like to visit the wall, it adorns the side of Melody Bar & Grill in Los Angeles.

(Via TMZ)