DeAndre Jordan Put Joakim Noah To Shame With Not One, But Two Airballed Free Throws

It has been a long, long time since Sixers fans have been this happy, but you would think from this crowd reaction that their team just won a championship. Or at least made the playoffs. Instead, all it took for the roof to blow off of the Wells Fargo Center was Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan missing two free throws in hilarious fashion. He didn’t just miss; he airballed. And he didn’t just airball one free throw; he airballed two.

It’s an incredible feat that certainly puts Jordan in the conversation with the all-time worst free throw shooters, if he wasn’t already there. For now, Jordan’s latest airballed free throws have let Joakim Noah off the hook following his atrocious effort earlier this week. But I wouldn’t be fulfilling my duties as a scientist if I didn’t let you decide for yourselves which airball was worse. First, Noah’s:

Now, Jordan’s second airball, which was certainly the worse of his pair o’ whiffs:

They’re pretty close, but, again, this was No. 2 for Jordan. Making matters worse for him is the fact that Kevin Hart was sitting courtside and offered the appropriate reaction:

Jordan, like Noah, is certainly no stranger to missing the hoop by a country mile. In 2013, he had people rolling with laughter after this airball against the Timberwolves. In 2014, he floated a dead duck from the line against the Warriors. Of course, there was the air heard ‘round the world, when Jordan tossed up an unforgettable miss as part of Team USA last year. And then there’s Jordan’s GOAT missed free throw that remains in a class of its own.