Del Negro: Rose is Rookie of the Year Already

01.20.09 10 years ago

In Vinny Del Negro‘s mind, the Rookie of the Year race is already over. And Derrick Rose is the winner.

“There’s not even a conversation as far as I’m concerned,” Del Negro said Monday. “Mayo‘s having a great year, and Beasley is an incredibly talented player and is playing well. But no one’s played at the level Derrick’s played from the start to this point. Not even close in my opinion.”

It’s great to see Vinny going off his rocker on the record for his guy. As you’d imagine, the Bulls clubhouse is virtually all about Rose – the vets are peppered with questions about the young guy everywhere they go. And because Rose is a genuinely good teammate, all the answers are positive.

But at the same time, doesn’t reality have to set in a bit for Del Negro? O.J.’s putting up 19.4 ppg, which at least qualifies him to still be in the conversation. And if by some miracle Russell Westbrook helps to turn the Thunder into a 20-win team with a monster second half, he could very well sneak up and win the award too.

Do you think Rose has ROY locked up already?

Source: Real GM

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