DeMar DeRozan Still Loves Drake But Explained That Kendrick Lamar Is ‘Basically Family’

DeMar DeRozan has suddenly found himself in the middle of rap’s most high-profile feud. After spending years as a member of the Toronto Raptors and forming a relationship with Drake, DeRozan appeared at Kendrick Lamar’s The Pop Out concert, then went on stage during as Lamar performed the song “Not Like Us,” and then appeared in the music video for the track.

It led to some questions about whose side he is on here, and fortunately, DeRozan got asked about the whole ordeal by Sean Cunningham of KTXL in Sacramento. Basically, DeRozan still has love for Drake, but his relationship with Lamar goes back a very long time, to the point that he considers him “basically family.”

“I mean, love Drake, love Drake, you always could play him,” DeRozan said when asked if they can keep playing Drake at Sacramento Kings games. “Kendrick’s been a friend of mine, family, damn near family for a long time, for a while. We from the same city, grew up damn near in the same neighborhood. So, it’s always been, it hasn’t always been publicized, but that’s basically family.”

DeRozan, of course, is the newest member of the Kings roster after joining the team thanks to a sign-and-trade. Whether Drake or Kendrick attend any Kings games because of this remains to be seen.