Devin Booker’s Game Two Nose Break Gave Chris Paul The Chance To FaceTime Him With Game Advice

A broken nose forced Devin Booker to don a mask and likely had a role in some of his cold shooting performances during the Western Conference Finals, but it also freed him up during a key Game Two to take in some advice from his point guard.

During an interview on Sirius XM NBA Radio this week, Suns managing partner Robert Sarver described being back in the locker room while Booker was getting stitches to stop from “gushing” blood, and watching as during this intense medical procedure, Booker has a phone to his face. The call came courtesy of Chris Paul’s personal security guard, and the face on the screen was Paul himself.

“Chris is on FaceTime telling Devin what to do,” Sarver said, “explaining to him which elbow he wants him to get to and how to get this person there and that person here, (saying) ‘don’t lose your temper, be calm, don’t try to strike back, you’re going to get this.'”

Of course, Paul is not the only maniacally competitive player in the Suns’ backcourt. According to Sarver, Booker himself nervously anticipated the end of the stitching procedure and the end of the Point God’s call so that he could get back out onto the court in time for a two-for-one opportunity on offense.