Dirk Nowitzki: I would have considered Miami if D-Wade and LeBron asked

07.27.10 9 years ago 31 Comments

In a recent interview with a German basketball magazine, Dirk Nowitzki said that although Steve Nash wanted him to consider playing in Phoenix, he never really intended to sign anywhere but Dallas. Dirk also mentioned, however, that had D-Wade and LeBron asked him to join them in Miami to complete their Big Three, he would have had to seriously think about it.

“It would already have to be an unbelievable situation to go somewhere, for instance with LeBron or Wade just to play in Miami,” Dirk said (in the Gooogle-translated version). “I would only be changed if it was an incredible situation that would have been offered. (Had LeBron and Wade asked), that would have been a situation where I would have to consider.”

(Asked about Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson‘s comments regarding the Miami stars teaming up, Dirk said: “If you look at the Lakers … they have accumulated a lot of incredible players,” adding that it is “simply not possible” for one superstar to win a championship alone. “You need at least two superstars today to get to the championship … The league is so strong that it takes so much talent to win a the end.”)

Chris Bosh was always the front-runner for that position in Miami, since he’s the one inside Wade and LeBron’s clique, and he seemed much more likely to leave Toronto than Dirk seemed willing to leave Dallas. Even when Dirk opted out of his contract, it didn’t cause much frenzy because the assumption was he only wanted more years added to his stay in Dallas.

That’s a hell of a hypothetical, though.

Individually, most would agree that Dirk is the better player right now, but in terms of fitting in with LeBron and Wade, Bosh may actually be the better option. Bosh isn’t quite Moses Malone, but he is more of a traditional big man than Dirk. Although the rebounding numbers are similar, Dirk mostly operates on the perimeter and in the mid-range area, where Bosh works mid-range to under the basket. He’s also yonger; at the end of the six-year deals Miami’s current Big Three signed, Dirk would be 38 years old.

Which trio would be better: LeBron/Wade/Bosh, or LeBron/Wade/Dirk?

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