Dirk Nowitzki’s New Nickname Makes Fun Of The Fact That He’s Not As Limber As He Used To Be

09.12.17 8 months ago

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Dirk Nowitzki isn’t an All-NBA player anymore and, at the age of 39, no one expects him to be. With that said, the future Hall of Fame big man can still play at a high level and he enters yet another season in 2017-2018 as a focal point for the Dallas Mavericks.

Given his age and body type, Nowitzki isn’t exactly fleet of foot at this point in his career and, on Tuesday, he shed a bit of light on a nickname that he has taken a liking to at this juncture. In short, it fits perfectly with the way he currently moves.

Mavs assistant and long-time NBA point guard Darrell Armstrong gets the credit for cementing the moniker but Nowitzki has often been compared to a mummy for the way he moves. Even at his absolute peak, Nowitzki wasn’t a traditionally explosive NBA athlete but the 7-footer now moves in very stiff fashion (his words) and his body remains remarkably upright as he travels around the basketball floor.

During his age-38 season in 2016-2017, Nowitzki still managed to average 14.2 points and 6.5 rebounds per game in something of a reduced role (26.4 minutes per game) and there is no reason to think he can’t produce similar results again this coming year. It may not be pretty in a traditional sense, but Dirk’s skill set remains tantalizing and he is certainly taking his aging process in stride more than most NBA players ever would in a public setting.

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