Doug Collins Finishes Birdman Hook: “What Happened To That Boy”

We’re not talking about the Heat’s Birdman Chris Andersen. NBA Countdown co-host and former coach Doug Collins showed a dollop of cool tonight after Jalen Rose mimed the onomatopoeia “Brrrrrrr” before the eponymous hook of the classic Birdman and Clipse joint, “What Happened to That Boy?.”

Watched as a shocked Jalen throws it to Doug only to have Collins perfectly enunciate, “What happened to that boy?”


For the younger readers wh don’t remember the 2002 song in question, which had everyone in our college doing the bird sign with their hands like the pigeons staked outside our apartment weren’t annoying enough.

Thankfully Doug didn’t launch into Malice or Pusha T‘s verse, or we doubt he;d still be working for the Worldwide Leader and this would be a very different story.

What do you think?

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