Drake Kept Chirping After Game 1 On Instagram, Proclaiming ‘Draymond Shouldn’t Wear 23’


Drake, the adult equivalent of the kid you met freshman year of college who proclaimed he was both a Boston Celtics and a North Carolina Tar Heels fan despite growing up in New Jersey, was up to his usual shenanigans during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. He arrived at Scotiabank Arena wearing a signed Toronto Raptors Dell Curry jersey. He bounded up and down the sidelines like a wind-up toy. He engaged in a mid-game conversation with Curry, then called Draymond Green “trash” as Green walked off the court.

After the dust had settled, and the Raptors had given out the first Game 1 loss to the Warriors in the NBA Finals under Steve Kerr, Drake remained in troll mode. He took to Instagram to post a picture of the piece of he lint he apparently removed from Curry’s hair during their courtside convo to announce he’d be selling it on eBay under the username “DraymondShouldntWear23.”

After playing some of the best basketball of his career during these playoffs, Green struggled in Game 1. Pascal Siakam gave Green buckets all evening long, especially in the post, where Green was helpless to stop Siakam’s combination of size and finesse. Though Green finished with a triple-double, he scored just 10 points, went 0-2 from deep and was the primary defender as Siakam went for 32 points.

As Drake continues to lean in to his troll-like persona, growing stronger by the minute, one burning question remains: did he pocket the lint from Curry’s hair and sit with it on him for the entire game? Has he collected lint from other player’s he come in contact with throughout the season? Does he have a garage in Calabasas filled with NBA lint? I need answers.