Drake Outdoes Himself By Bringing Steph Curry And Draymond Green On Stage At Oracle

At this point, when Drake rolls into town, the fans at his concert have come to expect him to bring out some sort of local icon just to rub some elbows and associate his brand with the city. It’s his own genius way of trying to become every city’s favorite rapper, like he first did with Houston. True to his unrepentant sports frontrunner ways, that local favorite is often an athlete.

Aubrey got LeBron James in Cleveland, he got new Warrior Kevin Durant in Oakland — but that was only the first show at Oracle Arena, and Durant can’t be embraced by the city like pre-existing stars Steph Curry and Draymond Green until he also wins a championship. Good thing Drake brought Curry and Green out for his second Oakland show then, right?

Right. It must be awesome to be there and experience that moment, but from our sour internet seats, it’s like a band saying, “It’s great to be here in [blank city], with the greatest fans in the world!” It’s a cheap way of getting a round of applause to rally the crowd. Now, immediately turning around and bringing out Oakland legend Too Short to do “Blow The Whistle”? Now THAT is expert pandering.

Drake’s next shows are in Tacoma, Washington and Canada, so maybe the Weeknd will show up soon? Who knows.