Draymond Green Explained Why He Never Released The Podcast He Recorded After Punching Jordan Poole

Draymond Green’s 2022-23 campaign didn’t start off on the best foot. The veteran forward for the Golden State Warriors infamously punched a teammate, Jordan Poole, during a practice, which led to him leaving the team for a bit. While it seems like that is in the rearview mirror for the most part, Green brought the subject up on the most recent episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” which marked the first time he sat down at the mic to record his podcast this season.

After mentioning that he had “contractual obligations” that kept him from doing the podcast until now, Green dove into what he called “what we all know the incident to be at the beginning of the season with myself and a teammate, Jordan.”

“If I’m being 100 percent honest, Jackson and I, we recorded an episode right after,” Green said at the 1:37 mark of the above video. “And I know everyone was looking for it, everyone wanted to hear it, and quite frankly, I wanted to allow you to hear the chance to hear what I had to say, I wanted to allow you the chance to take a trip in my mind and just, maybe, understand more.”

Green said that he “hated” how he sounded on that podcast, which led to the decision to scrap the entire thing.

“I didn’t like my tone, I didn’t like the things I said, I didn’t like the way it came out,” Green explained. “I didn’t like … if you’re not careful, it almost comes off as unremorseful and distasteful, 100 percent distasteful, but also, fast.”

As he defines it, Green thinks being “fast” means doing things and then using his podcast to explain them in an effort to bring in better ratings or more attention. And while Green made clear he did not didn’t want to shy away from speaking, he had to consider the number of other individuals who were impacted by the whole thing.

“For me, I’m like, ‘Ok, Jordan has to deal with this, other people have to deal with this, the last thing I need to be doing is sitting here talking about it like it’s all fine and dandy,’” Green said, before mentioning that he’s fine with losing subscribers and listeners for not dropping a pod right away, in part because he’s confident he could get them back and more if he does it “the right way.”

Green addressed the situation when he met with the media to announce he was stepping away from the team and when he released a video about the whole thing through TNT.