Remember When Draymond Green Played Tight End For Michigan State?

Draymond Green has turned himself into one of the NBA’s best. He’s an All-Star basketball player even though, as he can tell you, a lot of guys were drafted before him. However, things could have been different. When Green was still a college junior back at Michigan State in 2011, he decided to give football a try.

During Green’s senior year with the Spartans, he took the chance to suit up with the football team. Granted, it was during a Green-White spring practice game, but there was one of the best college basketball players in the country lining up at tight end nonetheless. Green played football in high school at Saginaw, and his old high school football coach Don Durrett, for one, was really, almost alarmingly, enthused to see him put on the pads again.

“He has the abilities to play tight end at the next level. He has outstanding agility and great hands. If he would have continued with football, he would have been a force, no doubt,” Durrett told Hugh Burnreuter of MLive.com, before going on to point out that Antonio Gates was a college basketball player before becoming one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

Green’s college football career was a little less notable than Gates’. He lined up for two plays during the scrimmage, had a false start on one, and drew a pass interference on the other. Then he turned his attention back to hoops. “I think I like my future in basketball a little better,” Green said. It seems fair to say Green made the smart decision, but at least he can say, however briefly, he was a two-sport star in college.

(Via MLive)