Draymond Green Is Suspended Without Pay After Allegedly Calling Kevin Durant ‘A B*tch’

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Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into it at the end of regulation of what ended up being an overtime loss for the Warriors to the Clippers in L.A. on Monday night.

The argument stemmed from Green not passing Durant the ball after pulling in a rebound, as Green charged up the floor as he so often does, but fumbled the ball away for a turnover before a shot could be attempted. The two could be seen yelling at each other in the huddle before DeMarcus Cousins walked him away, but the disagreement apparently continued in the locker room with Green not backing down even when other teammates questioned his decision.

On Tuesday afternoon, we learned Green would sit out the game against the Hawks that night, but that the team was mulling whether to make it an official suspension. As more details came out, including Yahoo’s Chris Haynes reporting Green called Durant a “b*tch” repeatedly in the huddle, the team announced Green was being suspended without pay for the game for conduct detrimental to the team.

The game suspension will cost Green over $120,000 in salary.

It is fascinating that Green is being suspended, considering much of the early rhetoric was about how it wasn’t that big of a deal and players have these disagreements all the time. Even the reports of the locker room incident didn’t seem that inflammatory, but clearly along the way the team decided Green crossed a line and he’ll now sit out a game and miss a check. Whether it was him calling Durant a “b*tch” or him bringing up free agency, something went too far for the organization and they decided to punish him for it.

We’ll have to wait for Green’s response, as well as Durant’s, because this has escalated far beyond what most anticipated when the first video emerged last night of their spat.