Dwight Howard belongs in the MVP discussion

03.20.09 10 years ago 32 Comments

Over on Yahoo! Sports, they have the standard “Who is this year’s MVP?” poll, but one that includes a surprise entry. Next to the usuals — Kobe, LeBron and D-Wade — is Dwight Howard. I’m glad somebody is finally starting to realize Dwight deserves to be there.

Despite leading the NBA in boards (14 rpg) and blocks (3 bpg) while scoring 21 points a night and leading Orlando to one of the League’s best records, Dwight has largely been left out of the MVP discussion. Why? I really don’t know. Because no matter what your MVP criteria is, he fits the bill: Howard is arguably the best player at his position in the League, his team would stink without him, his stats are off the meter (Kobe, Wade and ‘Bron don’t lead the League in multiple stat categories), he is a two-way player (front-runner for Defensive Player of the Year), and his team is a contender.

Unlike a lot of NBA analysts/writers, I’m not afraid to make my pick now for fear of being wrong later: I think D-Wade is the MVP, and he’ll get my vote when the time comes. But I don’t get why nobody is even mentioning Howard. I could even be compelled to vote for him third, over Kobe.

Why do you think Dwight has been mostly ignored in terms of MVP talk?

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