Dwight Howard Claims ‘Someone Told On Me’ For Not Wearing A Mask

With the NBA season set to restart in just a few weeks, players are busy adjusting to their new realities inside the bubble in Orlando, to varying degrees of success. Two players have already broken quarantine and have been forced into isolation, while a small handful of positive tests continue to delay the arrival of some key figures as they undergo mandatory quarantine.

Aside from a few snafus — and some ongoing gripes about the quality of the food — things are going relatively well. In terms of maintaining safety, the league has asked its player to hold one another accountable, instituting a hot line that they can use to report any activity that might threaten the health and well-being of everyone involved.

The only complaint so far reportedly had to do with Jimmy Butler dribbling a basketball in his room in the middle of the night and disturbing whoever had the misfortune of landing in the room below him. Now, Lakers center Dwight Howard is claiming that one of his peers has reported him for not wearing his mask.

Howard was initially among the contingent of players voicing concerns over the restart in Orlando and had expressed some apprehension about taking part. Eventually, however, he decided to travel with his team to the bubble location at Disney World. The Lakers hold the top spot in the West going into the eight-game regular season stretch at the end of the month and are considered one of the top contenders to take home the title this season.