Dwight Howard Got A Technical Foul Because He Complained About Getting His Pants Ripped

Listen, Dwight Howard has a bit of a reputation that does not always lead to him being painted in the best light. That reputation does not include being someone who would come up with some extravagant lie to get out of being called for a foul that involves getting his pants ripped, and then ripping his pants to make the lie seem more realistic, or anything of that sort.

Despite this, Dwight Howard got called for a foul on Saturday night against the Detroit Pistons on a sequence in which Pistons rookie Isaiah Stewart tangled for a rebound with the veteran big man. Stewart grabbed hold of Howard’s pants for leverage, and Howard responded by getting a bit too handsy, leading to a foul call against the Sixers center.

The issue was that Stewart grabbed a lot of Howard’s pants, causing them to rip. Howard, confused about how he got away with that, complained to the officials, who decided they did not want to hear him complain about this and hit him with a technical foul.

In fairness to the referees, Howard did toss Stewart aside and probably should have gotten called for a foul under most circumstances. But also, if there is any circumstance where this would be acceptable, it’d almost certainly be one where someone SpongeBobs you.