Dwyane Wade Reacted To Aaron Gordon’s Diss Track Over The Dunk Contest

While most of the basketball world was focused on the latest episodes of The Last Dance on Sunday, Aaron Gordon is still stewing over what he believes to be a second dunk contest snub in his career. Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. put on a legendary show in Chicago in February, with Jones winning amid some controversy in extra rounds.

Dwyane Wade, former Heat legend, was part of the five-person judges panel, and gave Gordon a nine for his dunk over Tacko Fall, leading him to lose by one to Jones Jr. — although two others gave Gordon a nine as well. Afterwards, other judges said the plan was to have the two tie with 48s, pointing fingers at Wade as the one that screwed up the plan. The immediate reaction of everyone else at the judges table when the scores flashed — including Wade casually getting up and removing his headset — made that seem like it was the case and a controversy was born.

Gordon, naturally, was furious about the result and has vowed to never do another dunk contest as he’s felt he was robbed in two now — although, both Jones Jr. and Zach LaVine likewise put on spectacular performances that are more than worthy of the titles they have. On Sunday, Gordon released a diss track aimed at Wade, with a video shot at his home, in which he calls out the future Hall of Famer for the 9 out of 10 grade on his final dunk.

This, of course, made it’s way to Wade, who offered a level-headed response on Twitter, saying Gordon should trademark “9/10” and sell merchandise to make up for the million dollars he lost out on by not winning the dunk contest.

Don’t expect Wade to hop in the booth to respond to Gordon anytime soon, and it’s a bit funny that this is still eating at Gordon this much that he shot an entire video (while drinking Wade’s wine) during quarantine for his song.