The Top NBA Destinations For Free Agent Dwyane Wade, Ranked

09.25.17 6 months ago

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Dwyane Wade is now a free agent after he and the Bulls agreed to a buyout of the final year of his contract on Sunday night. For Chicago, it rids them of their best player and allows their tank to become fully operational, as they hope to kickstart their rebuild in the post-Jimmy Butler era with a top pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

For Wade, it frees him of having to play on a team that was actively constructed to be bad and allows him to find another team to sign with for the veteran minimum that will be a contender. Wade reportedly gave up $8 million to facilitate the buyout and won’t make that up on the market, but getting to a better situation for someone at his point in his career was that important to him.

There are a number of teams that will likely pursue Wade, but four will have legitimate opportunities to sign the veteran shooting guard, and, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, he will take some time in deciding.

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