Fred Jones Back With The Clippers

01.08.09 9 years ago
Fred JonesFred Jones

After the Clippers acquired Hassan Adams and cash considerations from the Raptors yesterday in exchange for a future conditional second round draft pick, the Clippers immediately waived him and re-signed Fred Jones to a 10-day deal.

The move put the Raptors just under the NBA luxury tax threshold and netted the Clippers just over $1 million. In exchange the Raptors not only get tax relief, they also gain a 2015 second draft pick that’s so protected (through the 55th pick) they will likely not see it.

What does this mean for the League? Although Jed wanted the Celtics to sign Jones, the Clippers brought him back after he showed potential, but clearly not enough to warrant a guaranteed deal. At the same time, expect more moves from the Raptors as GM Bryan Colangelo is extremely disappointed in the way his team has been playing (as he should be). The first guys to go could be Jermaine O’Neal and Andrea Bargnani, perhaps even in a package deal.

If you were Colangelo, what would you do to turn around the Raptors?

Source: Hoopsworld

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