Gregg Popovich Thinks ‘Rich As Hell’ People Should Give More To Charity Because ‘They Don’t Need It’

12.27.17 2 years ago 19 Comments

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Gregg Popovich is one of the best coaches in the NBA. Everyone wants to play for him, he’s a powerful voice in the league, and he often uses that platform to advocate for social and political change.

The latest noteworthy thing out of Popovich is that he thinks rich people are essentially jerks if they hoard their wealth and don’t give money to charity to benefit people. He spoke with ESPN’s Michael C. Wright about why he prioritizes charity work with the Spurs, and it became a larger discussion about his charitable efforts.

In an era where tax cuts for the wealthy are celebrated as a positive change for all by a president Popovich has called a “soulless coward,” it seems pretty obvious that he would not be in favor of how the wealthy manage their money. In response, he’s part of a growing number of people who, as he phrases it, are “rich as hell” and want to donate as much as possible to charity.

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