Hawks Asking Price Is Too High for Pistons to Pull Trigger on Josh Smith Trade

07.28.08 10 years ago 39 Comments
Josh SmithSmoov in Motor City?

Over the weekend, we heard about two serious offers on the table for Josh Smith – one from a “Western Conference power and the other from an East Coast big dog.” Though we still don’t know who that West team is, the Pistons have emerged as that East Coast big dog.

The Detroit Free-Press confirmed that Detroit sat down with Atlanta about two weeks ago to discuss sign-and-trade options, but talks have seriously cooled since. In Pistons GM Joe Dumars‘ estimation, the Hawks are asking for too much in return for Smoove.

A team source confirmed the Pistons did approach the Atlanta Hawks weeks ago about a possible sign-and-trade deal involving restricted free agent small forward Josh Smith, but said Sunday that the two teams haven’t talked in weeks.

The source indicated the Hawks were asking for too much, and both sides walked away from any possible deal.

If Atlanta’s price tag is so high that no one will trade with them, they run the risk of having Smith play for the $3.2 million option in ATL this year and then having teams offer him the full monty when he becomes an unrestricted free agent for the ’09-10 season.

What could Atlanta be asking for in return that has brought these talks to a halt? They seemed willing to part with both Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince if they were going to get a bona fide superstar in return (T-Mac, ‘Melo). But Smith is obviously not on that order.

What’s a fair deal between these two squads? Prince and a 2nd rounder for Smith?

Source: Detroit Free Press

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