Head-To-Head Mock Draft Results

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I’m trying to be a man of the people this season, so per a reader’s request, here are the results of a mock draft I participated in recently. It was for a 12-team, head-to-head format league with the standard nine categories and 10 starting spots (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util).

I’ll list each round (with my picks in bold) followed by brief comments and will list my final team from this mock draft at the bottom. Here we go.

Round-by-Round results

Round 1
(1) LeBron James (Cle – SF)
(2) Chris Paul (NO – PG)
(3) Dwyane Wade (Mia – PG,SG)
(4) Kobe Bryant (LAL – SG)
(5) Kevin Durant (OKC – SG,SF)
(6) Dirk Nowitzki (Dal – PF)
(7) Danny Granger (Ind – SG,SF,PF)
(8) Brandon Roy (Por – PG,SG)
(9) Pau Gasol (LAL – PF,C)
(10) Amar’e Stoudemire (Pho – PF,C)
(11) Dwight Howard (Orl – C)
(12) Chris Bosh (Tor – PF,C)

Comments: Wade at No. 3 was a no-brainer. I think Roy was picked too early and I highly doubt Kobe will give you No. 4 value this season, but overall, this round went pretty much as expected.

Round 2
(1) Deron Williams (Uta – PG)
(2) Chauncey Billups (Den – PG)
(3) Al Jefferson (Min – PF,C)
(4) Kevin Garnett (Bos – PF)
(5) Tim Duncan (SA – PF,C)
(6) Caron Butler (Was – SG,SF)
(7) Steve Nash (Pho – PG)
(8) Joe Johnson (Atl – PG,SG)
(9) Antawn Jamison (Was – SF,PF)
(10) Andre Iguodala (Phi – SG,SF)
(11) Devin Harris (NJ – PG)
(12) Gerald Wallace (Cha – SF,PF)

Comments: Garnett and Duncan went a bit too high, and grabbing Iguodala at No. 22 overall was a bargain. I can’t find much fault in the other picks.

Round 3
(1) David West (NO – PF)
(2) Vince Carter (Orl – SG,SF)
(3) Brook Lopez (NJ – PF,C)
(4) Carmelo Anthony (Den – SF)
(5) Paul Pierce (Bos – SG,SF)
(6) Jose Calderon (Tor – PG)
(7) Jason Kidd (Dal – PG)
(8) Rashard Lewis (Orl – SF,PF)
(9) Kevin Martin (Sac – SG)
(10) Gilbert Arenas (Was – PG)
(11) Troy Murphy (Ind – PF,C)
(12) Shawn Marion (Dal – SF,PF)

Comments: West at No. 25 overall is interesting – with Emeka Okafor giving the Hornets a bigger post presence, West could see more open mid-range looks. I was happy with Lopez here. I have trouble believing Melo will offer top-30 value this season. Arenas near the end of the third round sounds sensible.

Round 4
(1) Jason Richardson (Pho – SG,SF)
(2) Elton Brand (Phi – PF,C)
(3) Baron Davis (LAC – PG)
(4) Josh Smith (Atl – SF,PF)
(5) LaMarcus Aldridge (Por – PF,C)
(6) Ray Allen (Bos – SG)
(7) Manu Ginobili (SA – SG)
(8) David Lee (NY – PF,C)
(9) Tony Parker (SA – PG)
(10) Carlos Boozer (Uta – PF,C)
(11) Mehmet Okur (Uta – PF,C)
(12) Andris Biedrins (GS – C)

Comments: Smith should be a bargain at No. 40 overall. I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic about picking Boozer here, but I like the potential for a good comeback this season after a year lost to injury in 2008-09.

Round 5
(1) Derrick Rose (Chi – PG)
(2) Nene Hilario (Den – PF,C)
(3) Rajon Rondo (Bos – PG)
(4) Monta Ellis (GS – PG,SG)
(5) Jameer Nelson (Orl – PG)
(6) Marcus Camby (LAC – PF,C)
(7) Stephen Jackson (GS – SG,SF)
(8) O.J. Mayo (Mem – SG)
(9) Michael Redd (Mil – SG,SF)
(10) Andrea Bargnani (Tor – PF,C)
(11) Ben Gordon (Det – SG)
(12) Rudy Gay (Mem – SF,PF)

Comments: I was happy to nab Rondo at No. 51 overall since it seems possible for him to finish the season with top-35 value. Camby at No. 54 and Redd at No. 57 overall could be steals if they stay healthy.

Round 6
(1) Andrew Bynum (LAL – C)
(2) Al Harrington (NY – PF,C)
(3) Anthony Randolph (GS – PF)
(4) Hedo Turkoglu (Tor – SG,SF)
(5) Blake Griffin (LAC – SF,PF)
(6) Al Horford (Atl – PF,C)
(7) Charlie Villanueva (Det – SF,PF)
(8) Emeka Okafor (NO – PF,C)
(9) Paul Millsap (Uta – SF,PF)
(10) John Salmons (Chi – SG,SF)
(11) Eric Gordon (LAC – SG)
(12) Jeff Green (OKC – SF,PF)

Comments: I was eyeing Millsap, who would benefit greatly with a Boozer trade, but was content to take the versatile Salmons here, who should reap the rewards from the departure of Ben Gordon. I think Bynum and Harrington are bargains here.

Round 7
(1) Trevor Ariza (Hou – SF)
(2) Russell Westbrook (OKC – PG)
(3) Mo Williams (Cle – PG)
(4) Shaquille O’Neal (Cle – C)
(5) Kevin Love (Min – PF,C)
(6) Mike Bibby (Atl – PG)
(7) Andre Miller (Por – PG)
(8) Rasheed Wallace (Bos – PF,C)
(9) Leandro Barbosa (Pho – PG,SG)
(10) Luis Scola (Hou – PF,C)
(11) Ron Artest (LAL – SG,SF)
(12) Wilson Chandler (NY – SG,SF)

Comments: I was drooling for Westbrook to fall to me here, but my desired pick was stolen from me yet again. He’s an absolute steal at No. 74 overall. I was happy to get Williams though, who should be asked to shoulder a bigger load now that Delonte West’s status is uncertain. Shaq was taken way too early here. I liked the Love, Barbosa and Chandler picks in this round, as each player seems primed to surprise a lot of people this year.

Round 8
(1) Jason Terry (Dal – PG,SG)
(2) Zach Randolph (Mem – PF,C)
(3) Boris Diaw (Cha – SF,PF)
(4) Lamar Odom (LAL – SF,PF)
(5) Greg Oden (Por – C)
(6) Spencer Hawes (Sac – PF,C)
(7) J.R. Smith (Den – SG,SF)
(8) Josh Howard (Dal – SG,SF)
(9) Tyrus Thomas (Chi – SF,PF)
(10) Luol Deng (Chi – SG,SF)
(11) Marvin Williams (Atl – SF,PF)
(12) Ramon Sessions (Min – PG,SG)

Comments: Terry and Diaw will yield great returns for their owners who got them at discount prices in the eighth round. I actually kind of like the bold Oden pick here. He’s playing very well in the preseason and though he’s a walking 911 call he’s a nice high risk, high reward player if you can stomach the nightly hand-wringing. Diaw will be solid this year. I’m counting on a healthy Deng this year, as he will also benefit from the absence of Gordon.

Round 9
(1) Mike Miller (Was – SG,SF)
(2) Thaddeus Young (Phi – SF,PF)
(3) Chris Kaman (LAC – C)
(4) Mike Conley (Mem – PG)
(5) Richard Jefferson (SA – SF)
(6) Andrew Bogut (Mil – C)
(7) Brad Miller (Chi – C)
(8) Aaron Brooks (Hou – PG)
(9) Andrei Kirilenko (Uta – SF,PF)
(10) Jason Thompson (Sac – SF,PF)
(11) Chris Duhon (NY – PG)
(12) Tracy McGrady (Hou – SG,SF)

Comments: Miller was probably picked a bit too high here. The Kaman pick was risky, certainly, but he seems set to bounce back from an injury-riddled season last year. I wanted another rebounds/blocks big man to complement Lopez on my team. Thompson could be a bargain here, as he’s set to start for the Kings. T-Mac is an optimistic pick at the end of this round, but he’s far from returning to the court.

Round 10
(1) T.J. Ford (Ind – PG)
(2) Allen Iverson (Mem – PG,SG)
(3) Stephen Curry (GS – PG,SG)
(4) Joakim Noah (Chi – PF,C)
(5) Jamal Crawford (Atl – PG,SG)
(6) Francisco Garcia (Sac – SG,SF)
(7) Michael Beasley (Mia – SF,PF)
(8) Rodney Stuckey (Det – PG,SG)
(9) Tyson Chandler (Cha – C)
(10) Marc Gasol (Mem – C)
(11) Courtney Lee (NJ – SG,SF)
(12) Jermaine O’Neal (Mia – C)

Comments: Ford in round 10 is pretty good, since he’s got the starting PG spot in Indiana locked up. I’m still not convinced Curry can maintain consistent minutes under Nellie’s reign. Garcia is out for a while with an arm/wrist injury, so unless you’re optimistic about his numbers after his return, don’t draft him this high. Beasley is a great pick in the tenth round. I was glad to take Gasol here, who is another big man who offers good rebounding and blocks along with solid percentages. He also worked hard on his conditioning this summer, which should help him handle more minutes this year.

Round 11
(1) Nate Robinson (NY – PG,SG)
(2) Samuel Dalembert (Phi – C)
(3) Mario Chalmers (Mia – PG)
(4) Raymond Felton (Cha – PG,SG)
(5) Shane Battier (Hou – SF)
(6) Richard Hamilton (Det – SG,SF)
(7) Peja Stojakovic (NO – SG,SF)
(8) Tyreke Evans (Sac – PG,SG)
(9) Tayshaun Prince (Det – SF,PF)
(10) Brandon Jennings (Mil – PG)
(11) Ronnie Brewer (Uta – SG,SF)
(12) Al Thornton (LAC – SF,PF)

Comments: Dalembert appears set to return to fantasy relevancy this season and could be a nice complement to Brand in the 76ers’ frontcourt. Chalmers is a great pick in round 11 as he should pour in plenty of threes and rack up steals in more minutes this season. Battier is a good sleeper pick.

Round 12
(1) Louis Williams (Phi – PG,SG)
(2) Mike Dunleavy (Ind – SG,SF)
(3) Anthony Morrow (GS – SG,SF)
(4) Corey Maggette (GS – SF,PF)
(5) D.J. Augustin (Cha – PG,SG)
(6) Larry Hughes (NY – SG,SF)
(7) Chris Andersen (Den – PF,C)
(8) Jonny Flynn (Min – PG,SG)
(9) Randy Foye (Was – PG,SG)
(10) Brandon Rush (Ind – SG,SF)
(11) Roy Hibbert (Ind – C)
(12) Ryan Gomes (Min – SF,PF)

Comments: Williams shouldn’t have fallen to round 12, so he’s a great pick here. He’ll hit a lot of threes and get a good amount of steals, though he won’t give you the assists you’d typically want from a point guard. Augustin should prove to be worth more than his pick position here. I like Rush’s potential to breakout this season and even if he doesn’t, he’ll hit plenty of threes. Hibbert is a great pick at No. 143 overall, though he’ll be a bit inconsistent.

Round 13
(1) Kenyon Martin (Den – PF)
(2) Rudy Fernandez (Por – PG,SG)
(3) Hakim Warrick (Mil – SF,PF)
(4) Kirk Hinrich (Chi – PG,SG)
(5) Anderson Varejao (Cle – PF,C)
(6) Yi Jianlian (NJ – PF)
(7) Grant Hill (Pho – SG,SF)
(8) Antonio McDyess (SA – PF,C)
(9) Jamario Moon (Cle – SF)
(10) Jarrett Jack (Tor – PG,SG)
(11) James Harden (OKC – PG,SG)
(12) Brendan Haywood (Was – C)

Comments: I like Fernandez in the last round, especially with the Blazers set to give him a more familiar style of play. Warrick has frustrated me in the past, but I like his chances for a more consistent, productive season on the Bucks this year. I like the Hinrich, Yi, Jack and Haywood picks here. McDyess will also prove to be more valuable than his draft position here.

My team:

1. Dwyane Wade (Mia – PG,SG)
2. Andre Iguodala (Phi – SG,SF)
3. Brook Lopez (NJ – PF,C)
4. Carlos Boozer (Uta – PF,C)
5. Rajon Rondo (Bos – PG)
6. John Salmons (Chi – SG,SF)
7. Mo Williams (Cle – PG)
8. Luol Deng (Chi – SG,SF)
9. Chris Kaman (LAC – C)
10. Marc Gasol (Mem – C)
11. Mario Chalmers (Mia – PG)
12. Brandon Rush (Ind – SG,SF)
13. Hakim Warrick (Mil – SF,PF)

What do you think?

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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