The Miami Heat May Face A Harsh Reality With Chris Bosh And His Health Issues

05.16.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
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The Miami Heat’s season ended on Sunday when they lost Game 7 of their matchup with the Toronto Raptors.

The Heat were just one game away from making it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but Miami fans will always be left to think of ‘what might have been’ if the team had been fully healthy. Chris Bosh last played for the Heat on February 9 before a blood clot issue ended his season early for the second year in a row.

When healthy, Bosh is still the Heat’s best player and one of the best forwards in the entire league. However, the key phrase there is “when healthy.” Bosh desperately wanted to rejoin the team during their playoff run, but the team’s doctors told him no.

Now, Miami is faced with a tough choice. Bosh is under contract for the next two years, but ESPN’s Brian Windhorst says that the team is secretly fearful that the doctors will never clear him to play again.

There is a fear within the Heat organization that Bosh’s condition will prevent him from ever being cleared to play by team doctors, several sources said. It’s a result of exhaustive consultations with specialists. Something this big and delicate, the sides have gone deep attempting to understand all the options.

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