Heat and Nets Unveil NBA Jersey Nicknames (Pics)

We already told you the Heat are set to debut their nickname jerseys this Friday, and Spike Lee gave us a glimpse of Ray Allen‘s He Got Game inspired jersey. Now, you can purchase those jerseys online at Heat.com, and we know the nicknames they’ll be rocking on the jerseys. So lets check out what the Heat and the Nets will be wearing as jersey nicknames.

The nicknames are a smattering of clichéd iterations of initials (“JJ” for Joe Johnson and for Miami’s James Jones, or “CB” for Chris Bosh); truncated nicknames “D-Will” for Deron Williams and “D. Wade” for Dwyane Wade; some more interesting ones, like Reggie Evans of the Nets as “Joker” and Norris Cole in Miami as “Cole Train” (we love that one), and the ones we all know like “King James” for LeBron James, “The Big Ticket” for Kevin Garnett. The full list of the Heat and Nets players and the nicknames they’ve chosen are listed below.

The Heat will wear the nickname jerseys three times: Friday against the Nets, Jan. 21 against the Celtics, and April 8 against the Nets. Here are the nicknames they’ve unveiled:

#6 LeBron James – King James
#3 Dwyane Wade – D. Wade
#1 Chris Bosh – CB
#34 Ray Allen – Jesus Shuttlesworth
#15 Mario Chalmers – Rio
#11 Chris Andersen – Birdman
#50 Joel Anthony – Doc
#31 Shane Battier – Battle
#8 Michael Beasley – B Easy
#30 Norris Cole – Cole Train
#40 Udonis Haslem – UD
#22 James Jones – JJ
#9 Rashard Lewis – Sweet Lew
#21 Roger Mason, Jr. – Moneymase
#20 Greg Oden – G.O.

And here are the Nets nicknames we’ve found so far at the Nets store.

#8 Deron Williams – D-Will
#34 Paul Pierce – Truth
#2 Kevin Garnett – The Big Ticket
# 11 Brook Lopez – Brooklyn
#7 Joe Johnson – JJ
#47 Andrei Kirilenko – Кириленко
# 1 Mason Plumlee – Plums
#31 Jason Terry – Jet
#30 Reggie Evans – Joker

Click to check out pics of the nicknames jerseys

[h/t SI.com]

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