Ice Cube Says He’ll Buy 10 Pairs Of Big Baller Brand Shoes If LaVar Ball Can Do One Thing

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Ice Cube has officially issued a challenge for LaVar Ball: make one shot and win his business.

In the most exciting basketball brand crossover in recent memory, Ice Cube is promoting his Big 3 league with a direct challenge to Ball and his Big Baller Brand. And — unlike everything the BBB patriarch has done in the past — it involves actually doing something on the court.

Ice Cube posted to Instagram on Wednesday a video of him making a basket and asking LaVar to do the same.

The video is pretty great all around, with Ice Cube lofting a shot up in a darkened gym. Ice Cube is shooting from the 4-point spot, a feature of his new BIG3 league. He crushes it, then celebrates by challenging LaVar Ball to do the same.

“You make it LaVar, I’ll buy me a pair of them Big Baller Brands,” Ice Cue says, turning his hat back around and throwing fours up for the camera. “Four-point challenge from your boy Ice Cube.”

The caption for the video on Instagram raises the stakes even further: it says Ice Cube will buy 10 pairs of ZO2s from LaVar Ball, not just one. That’s at least a $4,950 investment in the Big Baller Brand, depending on shoe size. Pretty good for one basket.

The 30-foot shot is far from impossible, but you have to wonder how many attempts it took Ice Cube to hit it himself. You can hear someone in the background of the video say “this is it,” which implies that it wasn’t his first attempt at the shot.

The real joke here might be that LaVar hasn’t exactly shined on the court when the cameras were rolling. Who knows if he even has the coordination to hit a shot like that without a few dozen attempts at it. And what are the rules here anyway? Does he just have to hit a 4-pointer eventually? Within five tries? On the first shot? We need to get a dialog started here and nail this down.

Still, it’s a smart challenge for Ice Cube to issue because LaVar doesn’t shy away from these kind of things. He will almost always respond, even if it makes him look really bad. We’ll see if he takes him up on the offer. Anything to build the brand, right?